Ki Aikido〜Shin-shin-toitsu Aikido

  In this contemporary martial art, you will learn how to use the power of unified mind and body with the universe.
  You will learn how to respect the strength of your opponents and how to lead them with confidence.
  Physical practice will help you understand yourself and your inter-action with others.
  Ki Aikido is not aggressive but strong through relaxation.

Seishinkan Dojo

◆Free introductory lesson at any Seishinkan location. 
◆Beginners welcome.  
◆Learn the basics in a cheerful, relaxed atmosphere.

◆Don’t speak Japanese? 
 While not all Seishinkan instructors are fluent in English, 
 you are welcome to join us!  
    Please contact us for recommended locations and times.

Kids Class (7 years-9th grade)

  Ki-Aikido curriculum specifically designed to help develop your child’s unlimited potential.   Children enjoy active movement as they learn how to use mind and body properly.  Your child can grow as a balanced, strong individual who is not easily discouraged by difficult challenges.
   The Kids class is an excellent enrichment program, helping your child learn how to demonstrate courtesy and respect to others, and how to remain calm and self-assured in challenging situations. 

Aikido Class (7th grade-adult)

  Training in Ki-Aikido techniques and training in Ki-development help you cultivate agility in active physical movement, and mental tranquility as serene as the calm, still surface of a lake.    Moderate, natural movements allow everyone ? male, female, young, and old ? to benefit from training in Aikido.

Ki Development Class (7th grade-adult)

   You can learn how to realize your fullest mental and physical potential, and the basic principles of Ki-Aikido.  Learn effective methods of self-control to maintain a state of mental and physical relaxation.  Ki development includes practice in unifying mind and body for unshakable composure, Ki-Exercises for relaxation, “whole-body” Ki-Breathing method for a healthy mind and body, Ki-Meditation for a peaceful mind, and Ki no Kenko-ho for a health method based on Ki-Aikido.


    As you practice Ki-Aikido you will learn how to control your mind and body, and how to redirect wasted energy in more positive directions.
  The goal of Ki-Aikido is not to strike opponents, so everyone can keep up an effective level of practice within the scope of his or her physical ability.
    You will enjoy learning, through many approaches, how  to make the most of your self-potential, how to live harmoniously with those around you by utilizing the principle of non-dissension, and how to maintain a calm, relaxed attitude in your daily life.

You can enjoy training your mind and body
-won't you try a free introductory lesson?

The power of Ki:

    When our mind and body are unified, we can use the whole strength given to us by nature.
    Ki Aikido helps develop this power through learning unification of mind and body with the universe.

Cheerful and Enjoyable practice:

    All classes are held in a cheerful, relaxed and harmonious mood.
    All movements in Ki-Aikido are natural and feel good...

The Principle of Non-Dissension:

    How to deal with
the world (your partners, opponents, problems) without dissension...



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